Yoga Props

Iyengar yoga makes extensive use of props for restorative poses and to assist practitioners of varying ability to achieve correct alignment in poses. Owning your own props helps you to maintain consistency in your home practice. Yoga For Health offers the basic props you will need, plus more advanced, optional props:

  • Blankets, $28.00
  • Wood blocks, $27.00
  • Quarter Round $32.00
  • Belts $13.00
  • Bolsters $65.00
  • Head Wraps, $13.00

Props are available for sale. All transactions are touch free. Payment is via


Halasana boxes, setu bandha benches, and trestlers areĀ  available by special order.

Please call or text Claudia for more information or to order props at (303) 349-7583.

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