The magic of gardening, the practicality of yoga

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Sustainable living is practical.

Sustainability seems to be a hot catchphrase of the day. But what does it truly mean to live sustainably? A sustainable life goes much deeper than buying low-energy light bulbs and recycling cans and bottles. True sustainability comes from living your internal and external life in harmony with yourself, your community and our world.

Sustainability can seem expensive and difficult to implement and maintain in one’s life. YogardenLife exists to shatter that illusion. Living sustainably – mentally, physically and spiritually – is within reach for everyone! Practicing sustainability in all aspects of your life has a compounding effect – the more you implement, the easier it is to continue in the practice.

Sustainable living is magical.

A beautiful thing occurs when you bring your whole life into harmony with yourself and the outside world. Physically, you feel better; healthy, natural foods and exercise work wonders for the body. A healthy body drives a healthy mind; stress dissolves, and in its place: deep contentment and peace. The true magic, though, comes when your harmonious life spills out into the world, affecting other people and the environment in positive ways. Small changes within yourself ripple outward, creating larger changes in the world around you.

Yoga and gardening: perfect compliments.

The practice of yoga and the activity of gardening both work together to foster sustainability – physically, mentally, spiritually and environmentally. Yoga can be a perfect way to combat the aches and strain that gardening can cause. Both yoga and gardening offer a peaceful break from the day, a time for contemplation, for mental and spiritual growth. Yoga deepens your connection with your body; gardening, your connection with the earth.

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