Private Lessons

Private yoga lessons are available to help you individually and confidentially with health issues you may be experiencing, or simply as a way for you to advance your yoga practice. If you’re having trouble with some aspect of your practice, often the in-depth attention of a private lesson can help you break free of the obstacle and continue to grow in yoga. Many health conditions, ranging from women’s health issues to muscular-skeletal injuries, can be alleviated by planning a yoga sequence just for you and modifying yoga poses to fit your needs and abilities.

Private lessons are available on Zoom for $100.00 per hour for not more than two persons. In person private lessons are available for $115.00 per hour for one or two persons. For more than one person, both must be from the same household. You must also bring your own mat. Payment for Zoom is via or Venmo @Claudia-Kuhns-1.

Workshops for groups are also available. Cost is determined by group size and travel distance. Please call Claudia for more information, at (303) 349-7583

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