Yoga has the ability to cleanse the body. The cleansing actions are both cellular and organic. When practicing yoga there is a heating process that occurs in the tissues of the body. This process cleanses at the cellular level. When doing your yoga practice it is best to avoid drinking water during practice as drinking water stops the cellular heating and cleansing process. If you are on medication that requires that you drink water you should follow the directions of your physician.

Specific asanas can be used to cleanse the internal organs. Twists cleanse the internal organs with a wringing action. They literally wring out the toxins and allow a fresh blood supply to revitalize each organ. Some of the cleansing can be through the bowls. Back arches have a cleansing and revitalizing action for the kidneys and other internal organs by opening and contracting the organs to allow a fresh supply of blood to carry out the toxins. For the cleansing to work properly, drink plenty of water after your practice.


Claudia Kuhns is the founder of Yoga for Health, now Yogarden LIfe in Denver. She is a certified Iyengar teacher and has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 25 years. Claudia is an approved contractor with the State of Colorado Vocational Rehabilitation Services . Claudia teaches beginning and intermediate students and works with specific adaptive applications of yoga. In addition to teaching, Claudia is the director of Yogarden Life.

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